Overcoming Stress

All of us experience anxiety, stress or tension at some or other stage in our lives. If we do not cope with it immediately and deliberately it might overwhelm us and immobilise us for the tasks that we have to perform. Therefore it is necessary to know about the effects of anxiety, stress and tension and how we can cope with them. According to the dictionary, anxiety refers to a state of being anxious about imminent danger; being excessively uneasy and concerned about the future. Anxiety, however, is usually not linked to a specific person, situation or experience that is

Brilliant CV

First impressions count. With nearly 400 candidates on average applying for each vacancy, you can increase your chances to make the shortlist, provided you provide exceptional detail and information to ensure we are able to discover you in the sea of applicants. Follow these guidelines to stand out from the crowd: Ensure that you have a reason for leaving with every company in your work history and that you have a detailed / comprehensive description of your actual daily duties with each. List your achievements and what value you added for each previous position held. Always include your current salary

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