Get More Done

Does anyone else feel like the world is spinning faster? The days seem to be going by in a blur and every time we look another month is scratched out from the calendar. And yet, the To Do List seems to be getting longer and longer. Here are some top tips for getting more done, starting now! Time spent planning is never wasted The first – and last – 30 minutes of each day should be dedicated to reviewing what needs to be done and generating your To Do List. In addition, you should always highlight the 3 most

Improve Application Chances

Want to stand out from the crowd of applicants and improve your chances of being short-listed for a job? Then take note of the following Dos and Don’ts gained from our experiences as a recruitment agency. DO: Read the advert and ensure that you meet at least the minimum criteria. If you don’t meet the non-negotiable criteria you’ll not be considered and are simply wasting your – and the recruiter’s time. Tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for. Ensure that you’ve clearly highlighted the areas in which you meet (and ideally exceed) the requirements established in the job 

Have you ever Googled yourself.

No? Well perhaps you should. Today, recruiters and employers alike are conducting social profiling on potential employees. What does your online footprint say about you? If you’re actively in the job market you should seriously consider the image your social media profiles portray about you. A picture is worth a 1000 words You’ve probably heard the saying and it’s true. We’re all quick to make snap judgements and your choice of profile pic may negatively impact your job prospects. Whilst it’s not necessary to go to the extent of having a professional photo shoot, you should ensure that your profile [...]

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