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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We make use of a job portal and/or our own website. Why would it be better to make use of your services?

Any job portal has limited functionalities for you as a client as you can only search your ad responses. This implies using your own time and resources to access only the limited talent

It further excludes:
· Handling the ad responses
· Shortlisting the best suited candidates
· Interviewing the shortlist
· Doing all relevant verification checks
· Forwarding the CV’s that might be suitable to the line manager and organising further interviews
· Discussing and managing offers
· Negotiations with the applicable candidate
· Handling counter offers if and when they arise
· Counseling the candidate on resignations
· Finding hidden talent / Executive Search

We simplify your life by doing all the above and more because we have qualified staff to handle the whole recruitment process from beginning to end and beyond. In short – we save you time, manpower and money you could spend on other business requirements.

Are you a specialist recruitment agency limited to only a few industries?
We are a generalist recruitment company and operate across a broad spectrum of industries. In addition, our extensive experience combined with a highly trained and dedicated team simply translates to our ability to provide you with industry specific knowledge and expertise. Our consultants are qualified to recruit across a wide range of positions and industries. Furthermore our Executive Consultants are qualified to recruit at Senior to Executive levels as well as find hidden talent (Executive search)
Do you only do recruitment?

No, we also assist in supplying flexi, temporary and contract staff and Executive Search.Our HR and Finance Value Added Services Include:

• Monthly Payroll • Monthly and annual submission of SARS returns • Annual issuing of IRP5’s • Monthly detailed reports for general ledger posting

• Employee orientation • Policies • Employee Contracts and the administration thereof • Health & Safety Assessments

Industrial Relations:
• Compliance with all legislative requirements • Disciplinary procedures • Incident investigation • CCMA representation on your behalf

Skills Development:
• Work skills plan • Annual training report • Staff Training assessment and advice

Employment Equity:
• B- BBEE application and certification • EE Reporting

Are you accredited with any Professional and / or Regulatory Bodies?

1. We are registered with the department of Labour as a Private Employment Agency as required by Law. We pass our annual inspection by the Department of Labour with flying colors.

2. Khanye Staffing Solutions is a committed member of APSO (Association of Personnel Services Organisation) and we operate in strict accordance with their Code of Ethics and Code of Best Practice.

Are you B-BEEE Compliant?
Yes, we are an Exempted Micro Enterprise with a Level Four B-BBEE Status and a 100% Procurement Recognition
Do you comply with the POPI Act?
Yes. We are the only recruitment agency in South Africa already complying with the POPI Act 4 of 2013. You can access our POPI Policy HERE and you can at any time request to have your personal details deleted HERE.
What makes your Recruitment Consultants so successful?
Experience, passion and Industry knowledge. All our consultants have successfully passed the APSO entrance exam and are continuously furthering their qualifications and studies at various institutions countrywide.
Can I refer other business owners and clients in my network?
Yes we always welcome new clients. For every successful referral that results in a new client signing our Terms and Conditions and Khanye placing a candidate with that client (once off), we are willing to pay you R1000.00 ex VAT per successfully contracted referral. Please complete the “refer a client section” on our website.
Where can I rate your service?
Why should we believe you?
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